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Three Services ! (Video Announcement)
Updated: Oct. 28th, 2020

See this video announcement from Pastor Josh Brake:

Here are the services:

1. 9:30 am (Children's Church and Nursery available)

2. 11:15 am (Children's Church and Nursery available)

3. 1:30 pm (No Children's church or Nursery)

Special Request: If you do not have children and are able to attend the 1:30pm service, it is kindly requested that you do so in order to allow for more families to attend when Children's Church is being offered. 


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Welcome to HCBC!

Whether you've been a committed believer for decades or you are curious about who this Jesus is, there's a place for you at HCBC.

Here you will find people from all walks of life in an environment that is friendly, God-centered, and deeply grounded in the Scriptures. 

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Are the Unchanging Truths of Scripture Relevant to Life in the 21st Century?

While everything seems to be changing so quickly, many things do not change: Human nature, truth, and the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus. 

At HCBC we believe God's Word speaks not only to the 'big questions' humans have always asked themselves, but also to the modern realities of life in our world. 

Worship Service

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 AM or 11:15 AM - Registration required.

Saint-Lazare & Hudson
3141 Cote St-Charles, St-Lazare, Quebec J7T 2H8

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